The Year 2015

It’s time for an update, 1,5 year after the latest one. Well, what happened? A lot! Not all good and positive, but learned a lot as well.

At the end of 2013 Shark Cartel had its fingers in a lot of stuff, from product development, to organizing courses and experiences, to helping others succeed with their sport challenge (personal and business wise). And unfortunately once again I got the hard lesson that sometimes you need to learn to say no to people who you doubt are fully in line or committed to the same way of working and thinking as myself. I adapted myself to them and lost track of my own path, which created a very empty negative hole with regards to helping others.

The positive news is that it’s never too late to learn and change your mind, so while Shark Cartel hasn’t been as public as before, in the last 6 months there has been some developments as well. I’ve created some online courses under different brand names with regards to coaching in sport and even so importantly I’m still using Shark Cartel as a way to enjoy extreme sports myself together with friends and family, which was the reason I started it in the beginning.

What’s next? Well, I like it like this; I’m creating online courses and ebooks about coaching and I create the products I need for extreme sports I need for myself and my surrounding. The passion will never stop, so let’s hop on that board and feel the adrenaline.


Combine & Merge

Back from a week off and a week of super-hard work. Lots of stuff going on! Lets share it!

In the past week I’ve been pretty busy with the funpark at Montana and Ultra Freestyle, both the two services that are under the Shark Cartel umbrella. Both organisations will be re-branded with some real Shark flavor.

Also I’m pretty happy with a new development which will be something very special. A new product announcement completely new in Europe! Currently signing the latest papers and hopefully with the next newsletter I can announce it! Small hint: it can massively increase aerial awareness for extreme sport athletes 😉

Till next week!


20131017-ZebracupThis is going to be a short post, because we are taking a break for a week! 😉 After all the hard work of the last few months in setting up all the tools necessary to create the skills & experience part of Shark, it’s now time to think about what we did and where we are going to.

We’ve setup our first online freediving course. We are now teaching freestyle skiing & snowboarding. We collect data where all the best places are to practice your sport of choice with Shark Spots. And now it’s time to fill in the content!

So from next week on, we are going to focus on delivering online and offline results for improving your skills and increasing your experiences. Till then, cheers!

Hold Your Breath Longer!

Shark Freediving is updated with a new style and fresh theme. Also the project to give you something back is online. As many of you know after reading the newsletter in the last few weeks, we’re going back to our roots with teaching skills and this is actually the first project in that form.

With the Hold Your Breath Longer website, you can sign-up for a FREE 10-day long How to hold your breath course. The training and techniques come from years of coaching hundreds of people in the extreme sport called freediving, but the course is setup in such a way that you can apply it to yourself.


Besides Shark Freediving getting a new and updated website, we also put Shark Cartel in the new style, together with the Snowskating, Snowboarding and Skateboarding sister websites.

Like written on the Shark Freediving website, it’s not so much focusing on bringing the latest news anymore as well bringing real value in building skills in the sport. So enjoy the content and give me some feedback if you like!

New Cartel Member – Ultra Freestyle

downloadBack with some exciting news! For some time now we have been supporting Ultra Freestyle, a local freestyle snowboard/ski club that gives lesson in Montana Snowcenter. After some good talks and considerations we decided to take over the complete operation of the club to further develop it.

This morning we also send a mail to all members of the club. In short this way we can expand our online education to offline real world skills development. Pretty excited!

In the coming weeks we will add some extra info about this step toour website and add a dutch section as well. We plan to keep the prices the same and expand with some marketing and especially invest further into quality of education.

Check out the dutch website here:

Shark Spots

We got some good feedback about our new website

Also we added all indoor snowparks in the UK, Netherlands and Belgium. Some new features are already lined up and we are thinking about some other stuff to do. In the mean time: add spots as you like!