20130421-slash it L2AAre you ready to experience Skate & Snow sports? We offer several ways of introductory to the sports we love.

Demonstration – We arrange some of our Shark Cartel team members to give a demonstration at your place of choice. We can arrange this at any place you want, even in your backyard in the summer with some snowboarders if you wish.

Introduction – Lots of times during the demonstrations people get an urge to try it out for themselves. If you book an introduction with us, we make sure you will make some good first steps into the sport of your choice.

Event – If you want to have a complete event we are also your partner. With loads of experience in organizing events for people between 20-500 people, we are more then capable to create a nice event where people come together to skate and try out some snow sports, enjoy the music, get some food and drinks and in general have a GREAT time.

Competition – Extreme sports competitions are a real public magnet! With daredevil jumps and skills a group of extreme sport athletes will leave you customers or public in awe! Normally we organize these kind of competition within the events our customers want, but if you already have for example an exhibition with some people selling stuff, it’s great to add a competition. We can make sure the right amount of people turn up, organize the whole thing and make a competition that people keep talking about.

Travel – part of the big experience is the location where we do the sports. While there are loads of place in the Netherlands to experience extreme sports, nothing beats a trip to Berlin or Barcelona for some skateboarders, or a trip in the summer to Les 2 Alpes for Skiers and snowboarders. We even have experience into getting big group of people on 1 plane and get them thousands of miles away to do sports! An experience for sure you will never forget!

We are compiling a nice list of our past events for some reference work. So come back later to see that.