Extreme Sports Weekend

It’s time for some relaxation and braindraining! This weekend I’m going to Center Parcs Kempervennen together with my brain-drain manager Sanne, to talk about some projects but even more importantly to do a lot of sports! Think wakeboarding, wakeskating, snowboarding, snowskating and who knows we even do some laps under water in the big swimming pool and remember how it was to freedive as well.

Weekends like this are important! just have some relaxed fun, watch some extreme sport videos, do some sports, get the adrenaline flowing… These are the times that the best ideas come forward, so we can start the next week energized and full with purpose again.

The one thing I’m looking forward the most is trying to wakeskate on the Alta2 cableski lane. I’ll bring my collection of wakeskates and we will see if we survive or not! As a bit of inspiration here a nice wakeskating video.

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