Shark Cartel Mini Ramp

601878_10151370966037477_1164482657_nLast year, when we were situated in the Shark Safe House, we build our own miniramp. I took us some time to design a really good ramp, with the right transitions to play around for the more advanced, but also for the beginners to learn the skills to ride in a miniramp.

944605_10151370860687477_1302744515_nAfter a few months of thinking where we would install this ramp, we opted for the backyard of the Shark Cartel HQ, or in short my house! One of the things we needed to think about was how to protect the wooden structure of the outside conditions, so we decided to work together with a canvas maker to create a canvas to would exactly fit on this miniramp.

Due to some unforeseen set backs we had some problems with the canvas and part of the ramp was unprotected during the winter time, which left parts of it in a bad shape.

Well, in the past month we fixed the canvas and we are now working on fixing the underlayment plates and skeleton. This should be finished this week so we can start putting on the top layer end of the week, so we can start riding this thing next week with the whole team together with a good BBQ, some drinks, music and more!


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  1. This is exactly what I’ve been searching for as inspiration to build for my nephews and myself to enjoy. What height and transitions did you go with?
    Thanks, Scott

  2. Did you stick with the 6′ transition for the ramp? And like you mentioned…… It is good for advanced and beginners? Thanks!!

    1. yes I did. Turned out to be a perfect transition for this height for indeed beginners and advanced. Fun stuff. Next time I think I wouldn’t put in the higher part and make it 3 plates width with the same height. much more fun grinding that.

  3. What or how did you go about the tarp? Cost etc. It looks custom fitted… I just build a 4′ mini and have done everything I can think of to help weather proof it but I also am looking for a good way to cover it for inclement weather especially in the winter here in Buffalo, New York. Your ramp cover is burned into the back of my head but I am trying to figure it out… Thanks for any input.

    1. Tarp in the end didn’t work as well. Was quite expensive to make it cusom sized (600 euros) at a sailmaker but still when it rained it became moist on the wood which resulted in bad quality top layer.. In the end I decided the only way to keep the ramp okay was to put a roof above it.

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