Skills Update

20130714-Ivo Miniramp2 months ago we introduced the skills program where we would deliver an online and offline program for improving your skills in the sports you love. We have done a lot and the whole framework of online and offline teaching is now almost done.

We are currently at work and thinking about the following sports to create skills courses:

  • skateboarding
  • snowboarding
  • snowskating
  • wakeboarding
  • freediving

Originally we didn’t intend to include freediving, but because we still had sooo much stuff laying around it would be a pity to just throw it away 😉

Anyway, we are now searching for people who want to help film and/or teach courses. For the people who want to teach: you get to have a shark instructor training that is based on extensive knowledge how to teach skills to people. This is based on a clear coaching and training system that Jorg has been using for years and he has used himself to help 100’s of people improve their skills. If interested, contact us!

Anyway, the first online course you will see is the freeski course with Mees van Lierop. We are currently finalizing the last parts of the first 2 videos, so expect a launch soon!

The Skills

20130430-chill2axingA month ago we already told your about our Shark Experience program, were we create events, introductions, organize group travel to great places to practice or compete in your extreme sport, etc. There has been some great feedback and some bookings already for our team to show up and let people get to know the sport and even more.

With our Shark Skills program we really take it back to our roots. With 15 years of experience in coaching and training hundreds of people in (extreme) sports, Jorg has taken all this experience and is currently translating to a Shark Skills program.

Together with Staff and team members we are going to provide online and offline coaching and training in your favorite sports. We use the latest available training techniques and technologies to create and enhance your skills.

We are currently near completion with our Shark Instructor program to educate some enthusiastic extreme sporters to become an instructor and learn how to deal with group teaching, skill enhancement, analyzing, instruction, motivation, etc. A great athlete doesn’t make a good coach or trainer, you need dedicated instruction for this, and that is what we are going to provide.

20130523-WillemBesides the instruction program, we are currently already busy with filming an online freeski course with Mees van Lierop. This will become the framework on how we will deliver online training and coaching for other extreme sports to follow.

We are also preparing for some in real life teaching. Currently already started in the forms of Ultra Freestyle with snowboarding, but this will for sure expand to some interested Shark Snowboarding stuff in the near future 😉

Because we take training and coaching very seriously and want to create something good, this will take time and effort. So don’t expect a release for all sports in the coming weeks. We take 1 step at a time. And if you are interested in joining us helping with this program, let us know!

Keep an eye out on the different sister Shark sites in the coming weeks and take a look on the SKILLS page on our website where we will update the page with the latest info.