New Cartel Member – Ultra Freestyle

downloadBack with some exciting news! For some time now we have been supporting Ultra Freestyle, a local freestyle snowboard/ski club that gives lesson in Montana Snowcenter. After some good talks and considerations we decided to take over the complete operation of the club to further develop it.

This morning we also send a mail to all members of the club. In short this way we can expand our online education to offline real world skills development. Pretty excited!

In the coming weeks we will add some extra info about this step toour website and add a dutch section as well. We plan to keep the prices the same and expand with some marketing and especially invest further into quality of education.

Check out the dutch website here:

Shark Spots

We got some good feedback about our new website

Also we added all indoor snowparks in the UK, Netherlands and Belgium. Some new features are already lined up and we are thinking about some other stuff to do. In the mean time: add spots as you like!

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