Visiting Multicenter Uden

On Tuesday we went out with the skate team to visit the new skatepark in the new youth center in Uden, Multicenter Uden. It was good to see so many team members together again. Sanne, Wesley (unable to skate due to an ankle fracture), Jochem, Willem, Rody, Jorg all present to have some fun.

The skatepark consists of modules make by plywood. High quality skate obstacles that can be moved around so you can create your own line if you want. And while it was a very busy busy place with BMX, scooters, skaters, basketball, football all mixed together in one big room, we still managed to do our thing.

Jorg shot some nice photos of the place and we had a lot of fun! It’s time to set a big meet again with the whole team to do this again.

20130410-Willem Wall Uden
Willem knows how to do a proper wallride

20130411-Joche 50 Uden
Jochem with a 5-0 over the rail

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